Little Things Art Prize was founded by Marnie Ross in 2015.  Artists are invited to submit creative expressions of the ‘Little Things’ that make them happy or feel grateful. The science of Positive Psychology emphasises the benefits such focusing of our attention contributes to our health and happiness.  As well as inspiring community creative engagement, the resulting finalists exhibition is a celebration of the artwork displayed and a shared positive experience.

The Finalist exhibition is held at Saint Cloche Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. 

Little Things Art Prize is supported through the Woollahra Council Community & Cultural Grants program.

Prize Day

Prize Day is an exciting and well attended event, a celebration of  the 'little things’ and the prize winners.  Prizes are presented by our supporter and special Guest Speaker Dr Tim Sharp from The Happiness Institute.  Guests are treated to an on-site gourmet food truck and boutique ciders, enjoyed in a positive environment surrounded by creativity and expressions of gratitude.


"Was such a privilege to be a part of the show and am so glad to have been at the ceremony yesterday was a beautiful day"

"Thanks so much for organizing such a lovely event - it was so nice to see all the works together."

"What a wonderful experience being part of this exhibition"

"Thanks so much for another wonderful "Little Things" exhibition which I was thrilled to participate in. I find the theme is so positive and inspiring and spending time with the work so uplifting." 

"I recommended lots of friends to come and experience the same feelings. The way you curated the work in the hang was just fabulous, you have such a good eye for colour.”